sabato 30 gennaio 2010

Never as good as the first time

(this is just the English version of my other post. I meant to paste it straight after the Italian text, but Blogger would not let me. So alas, there you are with another post)

For the last few years I have been quite a slothlike member of CDHM, efficiently and smoothly run by a wonderful woman called Marlene. Marlene is that ever-patient kind of girl who restlessly follows me around, keeps sending me the emails I keep losing and, every time I tell her I am late and ask for some form of delay, always replies with that peaceful smile of hers (I guess there must be something zen going on there). Well, Marlene framed me. Very gracefully and with a smile: but she undeniably did ;)
So on Feb 27th I’ll be teaching my very first online workshop on CDHM forum. It will be about one of my favourite subjects – mould making from quick RTV silicone putty, the kind your dentist uses to take a cast of your teeth. The workshop will have lots of step-by-step pics and of course I’ll be there to answer all of your questions – hopefully :)

On the forum you can already find a way to register. In a short while I’ll put up the tool and material list. The tutorial will remain on the board for quite some time after the class itself and it will eventually be available in a printable version on a separate board.

If you are interested in this technique, I think you have to register to the forums first – something I strongly recommend as the pro’s are uncountable. Just to whet your appetite, today (Jan 30th) our very own Cristina Minischetti aka Minicris is going to reveal how to make her wonderful Parmigiano… need I say more?

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